Vantage Point

Immersive Empathy Training

Interactive 360° Training (2018) 90 Minutes

Leveraging the strengths of virtual reality to create next generation empathy training simulations.

Written, Produced, and Directed by Fifer Garbesi for Vantage Point, this branching narrative training simulation allows you, the bystander witnessing sexual harassment, to take action against it.

In 2017, Garbesi wrote and produced a one module experience for Vantage Point with Prosper VR. With this demo, Vantage Point went on to raise $1.3 Million. The final product, a 90 minute long branching narrative training, was produced in 2018 with the same core team.

This training encourages communal accountability, identifies bias, and focuses on educating around the core matrix that leads to sexual harassment. It accounts for contextual and hard-to-detect nuances of common sexual harassment situations, and teaches proven preventative techniques such as bystander intervention. Each module includes real-time response training.

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The actors reading lines on set.
Making notes on performance with Assistant Director Dylan Harris.

Jessie Kim of Prosper XR checks the shot.

Garbesi and Morgan Mercer, CEO of Vantage Point