The View from The Mountain

A Story of Child Marriage

360° Documentary Biratnagar, Nepal (2018) 7 Minutes

An intimate case study on the root causes of child marriage and its devastating consequences.

In the countryside outside of Southern Nepal's Biratnager, a young girl reconnects with her best friend who has lost hope after her arranged marriage ended in abuse and abandonment. After giving birth to a girl, Kavita's new family threw her out of the household and starved her. She has returned to the village to be equally pitied and scorned from her failed marriage. The two girls reflect on their lost childhood and plan for the future.

This experience cries out to honor women's worth worldwide through education, financial freedom, and equal pay.

Created for World Vision in partnership with The New Zealand Herald.

Co-Directed by Fifer Garbesi and Gabo Arora, director of Clouds Over Sidra, The Last Goodbye, and Zikr.

Produced by Fifer Garbesi and Tom Lofthouse, Cinematography by Antonio Victor Garcia-Serrano, Assistant Director Nissi Thapa, Edited by Nathalie Mathe, Sound by Shaun Farley

Garbesi and Garcia-Serrano set the shot in the Himalayan foothills.

Conducting an interview on the role of education in transforming women's lives.

Prepping the camera in the field.
The voice of the documentary trying virtual reality for the first time.