Runnin' 360 Adaptation

Kaleidoscopic Immersive Dancefloor

Interactive 360° Music Video (2019) 7 Minutes

Adapting a 6DOF Sundance Virtual Reality Music Video for All Headsets

Commissioned by Intel Studios to adapt Runnin' for 3DOF headsets. Created an interactive 360 experience with parallel story lines to allow the viewer to teleport around the dance floor while staying on beat in the song.

The experience is available through Samsung VR on most VR headsets.

Step into a neighborhood record store and be transported into a retro-future world in this VR experience that sends you into a surreal, high-energy, interactive dance party, driven by Reggie Watts’s and John Tejada’s music track “Runnin’.” Pushing the boundaries of volumetric capture, dancers invite players to find a way to activate the magical jamboree around them and bring the dance floor to life through movement.

6DOF Original by Reggie Watts, Kiira Benzing, Sarah Vick, Dave Smiddy, and Diego Prilusky

360 Adaptation by Fifer Garbesi and Lightsail VR