NeuroExplorer VR

Interactive Neuroscience Education

Volumetric Educational Game, USA (2018) 20 Minutes

Oculus Launchpad Winner

Experience the evolution of the human brain from brainstem to neocortex and stimulate brain function with a virtual brain machine interface, the Neuron Wand.

This virtual reality experience is an educational tool for anyone to begin learning about the complex, but increasingly important field of neuroscience in this critical phase of humanities evolution as we begin developing brain-machine interfaces.

In a three-act structure, we explore the three areas of the brain. You enter the experience with the creation of the brain stem. Here you stimulate neurons with neurotransmitters and hormones. Next, the limbic system unfolds around you. Here you can create emotional reactions, release hormones, and play a game exploring spatial memory. As you enter the neocortex, you may play with your perception using a neuron wand in the Auditory Cortex and Occipital Lobe, distorting visual and auditory signals. This hints at a future of the brain in which we could create virtual or augmented realities through synthetic stimulation of the senses.

Inspired by the work of Elon Musk with Neuralink, Bryan Johnston at Kernel, and other visionaries.

We hope to provide a captivating tool for the public to educate themselves on the neuroscience and join the discussion on how we will interact with our brains in the future.

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Oculus Connect 5 (September 2018)

Open City Documentary Festival (September 2018)

Games for Change (June 2019)