Immersion in Global Festival Culture

360° Series

Your all-access pass to world-wide electronic music culture!

Welcome to Metafest
Inspired by the 360 medium as a lens to explore the diverse community of music, art, and dance around the globe.

This virtual reality series brings you into intimate contact with the artists, performers, and communities you love in full audio-visual immersion!

Burning Man

Black Rock City, 2017

Explore Burning Man in Virtual Reality! Bicycle through the playa with art cars, get down at Distrikt, and cheer on your favorite savage at the Thunder Dome!


Costa Rica, 2019

Skydive, dance barefoot in the jungle, and watch the sunset surrounded by fire dancers in this portal to Envision festival in Costa Rica.

Northern Nights

Soaring above revelers on the Eel River, we take in the sweet sounds and great vibes of Northern Nights.

Full Series available for mobile, browser and VR headsets through YouTube VR and Oculus TV or online at